RX Bandits & Circa Survive @ Rock City Basement, Nottingham, 22nd May 2015

From Indian Lakes

First on the stage were support act From Indian Lakes, who share California as their home US state with RX Bandits. Dreamy intimate post-rock with emotionally shrouded vocals, they sounded best when fully committing themselves as a band altogether in their efforts.

RX Bandits

It is a travesty that such fabulously talented musicians such as RX Bandits are performing in such a small venue, but alas the world is how it is. At least some grace I can take from that fact was that I had the best spot for the show right at the front and in the middle for this excellent set which mixed new tracks from last years amazing Gemini, Her Majesty with older classics. From the amazing instrumental beginnings of Ruby Cumulous to the extended superlong version of Only For the Night from 2005s ...And The Battle Begun album, I really enjoyed it all and felt honoured to finally get a chance to see them in the flesh. My only downpoint was only half of the full RX lineup were in attendance with C-Gak (drums) and Joe Troy (bass) unavailable for this short tour but the 2 touring band members who were standing in put in a good performance in their stead, especially the guy on drums. 

  1. Ruby Cumulous
  2. To Our Unborn Daughters
  3. Decrescendo
  4. G2G
  5. In Her Drawer
  6. Will You Be Tomorrow
  7. ...And The Battle Begun
  8. Wide Open
  9. Stargazer
  10. Only For the Night 

Circa Survive

RXB & Circa have been co-headlining this tour and it was Green & Co's opportunity to close with this barnstorming set which went down really well with the sweaty crowd behind me. My personal highlights were Schema and The Difference Between, with their new Descensus tracks slotting well alongside older material. The heaviest performance of the evening, and all the better for it.

  1. Child of the Desert
  2. Schema
  3. Holding Someone's Hair Back
  4. In the Morning and Amazing...
  5. Strange Terrain
  6. The Great Golden Baby
  7. Sharp Practice
  8. Only the Sun
  9. In Fear and Faith
  10. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose
  11. Get Out


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