The Fallacy of Hate

Unemployed single mother on benefits who spends £2,000 on Christmas with 20 presents for each of her children

I dread to think how many people read this shit. No wonder there is so much hate going round. I can tell you 100% this is false and fucking propaganda, but the problem is people will believe what they read. It makes me so fucking angry, I woke up this morning and read this; just makes me want to go back bed. GRRRR!!!

The sums do NOT add up, it's undeniably provocative and obviously there to generate division and disgust towards anybody who has fallen on hard times. Contributing to the fallacy that it is entirely the poors fault for being poor or not being able to find a job.

Oh and don't worry, I think she is a fucking idiot too... firstly for her attitude; (which is kinda obvious) let's face it, it's so outlandish it could well be cooked up but secondly for being such a fool as being used for relentless outpouring by those who want this kind of hate to spew forth for their own ideological means. She is just a pawn in their hate game.

We saw this sort of thing last week too, with the "Autumn Statement". Since when did spreading fear, contempt and hate among neighbours qualify as a good thing to do. I usually don't let this sort of thing get to me but this just made me see red!


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