Flyleaf - New Horizons?

I have been a fan of Texan Christian rock band Flyleaf for a few years ago, and what with the sudden news that singer Lacey Sturm has suddenly quit the band and the fact that their new album 'New Horizons' is out today I have "dugout" a review I wrote for the 2009 sophomore and thus previous album 'Memento Mori' for something which never saw the light of day a while back...

I would also recommend trying to get the re-release of the Memento Mori which includes a heartfelt cover version of U2 underheralded 'Stay (Faraway, So Close!)' and other bonus tracks from around the time of the recording of the album.

There are few shades of grey in Flyleaf’s world, as Memento Mori confronts sin and redemption in the starkest, bleakest and apocalyptic terms to the nth degree. Memento Mori’s sound is pungent, incisive, and often bleak. Of course that is nothing new to fans of the already accomplished self-titled debut but this second album clinches its hold on Gothic-tinged nĂ¼-metal which encompassed the first while deepening its lyric and deep narrative thrust. Although compared to the debut singer Lacey Mosley plays down her penchant for screaming, her intensity remains undiminished, as the band’s fervent faith is caught in bold colours, whether offering paeans to God ('Beautiful Bride') or expressing an aching need for salvation ('Again,' 'In the Dark'). The echo of desperation embodied in Mosley’s voice is Flyleaf’s most distinctive feature - very much so when railing against evil and corruption, as in the scathing 'Swept Away' and 'The Kind.' I found the album diverse from it's sonic base without losing the original sound which what makes what I think Flyleaf a bit different to their contemporaries. Definitely one of my favourite bands at the minute, must recommend as even if this isn't the type of music you listen to usually you can probably take something from it.   February 2012
Memento Mori


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