Out and about..? Not with my post, you're not!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has received a leaflet informing that Royal Mail are going to rollout their oh so very bright idea of Delivery to Neighbour that has been on trial in some places around the country; instead of the usual re-arrange delivery online or phone/collect from sorting office routine. But don't worry, you can opt-out and they will send you a little sticker that has to be in view of the postie, who is delivering your post. Yeah, cos that's what I want to do, inform my neighbours (firstly can I even call them that if I live in a flat? and just so you know everyone in my block walks past my door) that I don't trust them... thanks a bunch Royal Mail. I have no friggin' choice but to do it, and I am not alone that's for sure. Can't they just let me be the social recluse in my own home I want to be!

But in all seriousness why on earth can't they have an opt-in policy? I'm sure there are some people would be happy with it; and good for them, but why try to enforce it upon everyone else! Little things like this drive me sooo mad... grrr...
Just like politicians (twats) at the top, the shadowdecisionmakerpeople making this decision are out of touch and think everyone lives in nice cushy suburbs and have great relationships with their neighbours; they go round for Sunday afternoon tea with crumpets, a Daily Mail (Heil) on the table and brandy in full flow; discussing the latest neighbourhood watch meeting and how to deal with (eliminate) those ghastly working class yobs (students) who walk down the street because the local bortsal (comprehensive school) is at the end of it. Cushy lives, cushy brain functions, that's what I say!

Of course we all know what this comes down to... money & profit! I shouldn't really be surprised and I'm guessing we should expect more of this bullshit when they privatise it properly. It will end up like our Energy industry, reporting record profits but at the same time announced rate rises wayyyy above inflation. It's not just price rises it's the environmental impact as well but now I'm going off on a tangent...

Just think as well of all the sorting staff who will be made redundant or have reduced hours, because they are intended target. Not "the ongoing programme to make deliveries more convenient for you."

Lets just hope my neighbours don't get my sticker when I'm out! Ha!

Original leaflet distributed to potential trial customers last year. (same bullshit as my leaflet)


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