Music is my Best Friend - August

Here is a just a little more of what my ears have been relaxingslashgroovingslashrockinout to this fine month!

This is a little late as I have been ill, and couldn't be bothered to finish it! But it looks like it has found its own little date now all by itself (with a little help from germs.) As it makes much more sense to me to keep on posting it at the end of the month so it will be the norm from now on... I hope! Weird how that sometimes happens isn't it?
  1. Reading/Leeds Festivals - Tons of stuff (I watched as much as I could on the TV & internet! Must just mention why did they only focus the coverage on Reading..? I had hoped to catch some of the bands that I missed on Friday @ Reading; personal highlights for me were Foo Fighters (who are always good), Dry the River, The Cure & Graham Coxon.)
  2. Anti-Flag - All albums (they have always kept up a good level over the years; a great punk band... very inspirational)
  3. La Dispute - Wildlife LP (great voice & musically very accomplished, with interesting blend of Spoken Word, Post-Hardcore, Folk & good 'ol Prog Rock!)
  4. Pixies - Doolittle LP (one of their best)
  5. Dry the River - Shallow Bed LP (I have been into these since they first started getting noticed, very impressive debut & much better than Mumford & Sons me thinks)
  6. Bloc Party - Four LP (has unwired potential & energy of a debut offering, definitely their heaviest album to date; close your eyes (ears) and it sounds like Biffy Clyro in places!)
  7. Flyleaf - Memento Mori LP (alt-metal/post-grunge female vocal christian rock band with interesting narratives, my gf got me into these. They have a new album out soon too!)
  8. blur - No Distance Left to Run film
  9. Billy Talent - Viking Death March & Surprise Surprise (singles from new album out next week)
  10. Learn English with Ricky Gervais & Karl Pilkington - Free Pilot Episode (not technically music, but very funny... my favourite bit was the fish-buying tourist! Ha! But where's Steve? C'mon? it's money for (not so) old rope!)
Smell ya later!

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