I stumbled across this little website which is certainly enlightening in explaining the current state of not just British politics but worldwide. I have always known that the traditional left-right labels don't really work, and are far too narrowly based or simple to fix an individual/group/political party to specific point(s). This site utilises these ideas and is a little similar to the Horseshoe concept which I came across when I first got into politics.
Horseshoe Political "Spectrum"
Instead it has two different axis, with a compass concept; which does offer a fresh outlook. Additionally it has a 6 page test, split into sections. The results are used to generate your own political point on the chart; with historical & contemporary comparisons in the UK, US etc.

It certainly substantiated my fears about my choices in the political landscape. It may not be perfect, but as quick "fumble under the covers" it's worth it to give it a whirl.


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