Divide & Conquer at it's best

I read this afternoon that David Cameron has given an interview to the Mail on Sunday signalling plans to end Housing Benefit to under-25's.


Now it looks like a complete headline grab with no substance as per usual from this government. It's like... hey look I can be tough on those "scroungers" while I just ignore tax avoidance etc. blah blah blah... But another problem I have with this is the fact they have actually said it. This is just typical divide & conquer... they are playing on existing prejudices that everyone who claims HB is instantly a benefit scrounger, I bet the Mail crowd just lap it all up...
  • What about people who work but get Housing Benefit as well?
  • Everyone who is under 25 has to live with parents... is this a creep towards medieval life, you live with your parents 'til you get married?
  • What if there are no parents? (deceased, estranged, etc)
  • What is the actual percentage of under 25's that don't live with their parents because of domestic violence?
  • What if the parents have since downsized? Which may I just add in the LibCon coalition gvt have encouraged people to do!
  • Where are they going to go? Shanty towns? Back to 1930's? Victorian Society?
I'm sick of this blame the poor for everything. We really need a solid opposition to this travesty of an administration, we need to fight back against this evil tide of social cleansing that is creeping out of this increasingly blood-boiling government. I really hope we see a least 1 senior politician come out against this (Labour or otherwise) The poor to the Tories are just fodder, whether it's working on a pittance or plain nothing on workfare.

I wish I was from a happy financially secure family with enough room to house me when times get hard, that's the problem Dave we are not all like you & your cronies. They clearly cannot conceive of the idea of young people without parents or "money" to help. Their lack of life experience and empathy shows that they are unfit to take decisions that affect the lives of the rest of us.

If you work at a job no matter what money you earn, you should be able to support your family & keep a house over your head... without the support of any benefits at all. I have always believed the national minimum wage (although it has been progress compared to what went before) didn't go far enough, for that precise reason.

How about this for an alternative... if you limit rents then the HB bill will go down, that would help everybody who rents and can't afford to own their own home. Oh... but they can't do that because it would hurt business/landlords that they rely on for votes. Housing Benefit is just a subsidy for the landlords anyway, the money all goes go them. Landlords like the fact that the government pays them to overcharge people who quite frankly have no other choice.

There is a severe housing shortage in this country, no doubt made worse by Thatcher's social engineering 'buy your 'council house' policy, which was followed up by no substantial investment from the Tories & New Labour to replace the sold off houses. A lack of houses also contributes to higher & higher rents. If we build more affordable houses  then that would contribute to lower rents; it would create jobs too. The government has money to bail out banks, embark on ideological reorganisations of our beloved public institutions, allow individuals/companies to have generous tax breaks or just plain avoid tax completely, or even pay for weekly bin collections for those aforementioned Mail readers!

One years HB expenditure is roughly 1/15th of the £325 bn that the UK taxpayer has handed over to the bankers to date. Where is that culture of entitlement again? And don't get me started on tax avoidance! :) It's all smoke & mirrors distracting attention from the real culprits in society...

Rant over!!!


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